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Debug your intuition

Simlin is a tool for simulation modeling, leveling up your ability to learn. With Simlin you can iterate on strategy and policy faster than you can in the real world, with fewer costs and the freedom to fail.

We all have mental models of the world around us, and we use these mental models when we create and evaluate plans to achieve our goals. Simlin gives you the power to turn these implicit models explicit, so you can debug and improve them.

Simlin is built around the system dynamics methodology, as introduced by the Thinking in Systems book (among others). You can learn more and connect with experts by engaging with the System Dynamics Society. Models are built in a simple, general visual language:

net birth ratePopulationmaximumgrowth ratecarrying capacityfractional growth ratefraction of carryingcapacity used

Easy to Use

Simlin was designed from the ground up to be easily to use for leaders, managers, and developers. Models are created in a simple visual language that can be picked up in minutes, yet is rich enough to describe domains from the carbon cycle to business dynamics.

Easy to Share

Developing the right strategy is the first step; convincing others it is the right strategy is the next. Simlin makes it easy to share models on the web, embed them in blog posts, and print them out.

Easy to Go Deep

Simlin works seamlessly with open-source tools like PySD and proprietary software like Stella for more advanced tasks like fitting model parameters, running sensitivity analyses, or working with geographic data.